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Playground Grass™

Meant to be Played on!

Grass on a Playground

Fun enough to run on and safe enough to stumble and fall

Playgrounds are a great place for children to run around and play. However, they are not always as safe as they could be. ForeverLawn® Playground Grass™ allows you to have a visually beautiful playground that is safe and durable. The benefits of Playground Grass™ include an ASTM certification for safety, ADA compliance, and a warranty. This soft and luscious grass may help prevent head injuries and cushion falls.

Beautify your design with Playground Grass™

With ForeverLawn® Playground Grass™ you can have a unique and beautiful addition to your playground. Playground Grass™ comes in a variety of colors that both kids and parents will love. A better playground design and experience awaits.

Playground Grass™ is accessible for all

The low pile height of Playground Grass™ makes it accessible for children of all abilities. Also, the use of antistatic technology means that you do not have to worry about static buildup damaging cochlear implants or hearing aids.

Reduce maintenance costs with durable Playground Grass™

Our artificial Playground Grass™ was specifically made to withstand the heavy foot traffic that a playground endures. Playground Grass™ comes in four different varieties and doesn't crack like blacktop surfaces. Never worry about cutting around the twisting corners of a playground again.

Varieties of Playground Grass™

Playground Academy

Playground Grass™ Academy

Playground Grass™ Academy leads the pack when it comes to playground surfacing. Tall XP blades are mixed with the natural looking tan thatch to appear realistic. This highly durable construction also uses the tan thatch for the “hide and hold” feature related to infill.

Playground Discovery

Playground Grass™ Discovery

Playground Grass™ Discovery was created with small children and unique indoor environments in mind. This durable design features soft XP fibers constructed in a short, dense product (with a thatch) that eliminates the need for infill.

Playground Extreme

Playground Grass™ Extreme

Playground Grass™ Extreme was the first artificial playground grass we ever designed. This two-blade design is made up of both straight and curled blades that help ensure the infill will stay in place. Playground Grass™ Extreme incorporates high durability and realism into one quality product.

Playground Ultra

Playground Grass™ Ultra

Playground Grass™ Ultra uses lightly textured polyethylene blades with a textured nylon thatch to create a product that is full, dense, and safe. Its increased AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection and Xstatic™ antistatic technology give this product increased safety, while the construction leads to a fuller looking synthetic grass.

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