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ForeverLawn® Fresh

ForeverLawn® Fresh is installed with zero infill and features a fresh cut appearance. It is ideal for places where movement is priority, like retirement homes and other places in which wheelchair access is important.

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ForeverLawn® Fresh is….


ForeverLawn® Fresh is the only artificial grass product that we make that uses zero infill. This makes it perfect for places where you need a shorter product that makes mobility easier.

Dense and Durable

Like having no infill, the density and shortness of this product also make it ideal in places where the freedom of movement is essential. The denseness of the blades also makes it good for high traffic areas.

Very Low-Maintenance

Fresh is the lowest maintenance product that we offer because of the lack of infill. You do not have to worry about any liquids or smells getting trapped in the infill, and debris will sit right on top of the short blades.


The antimicrobial technology that is built into the blades protects against mold and mildew.

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